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UcanACT - Opportunity for Lifestyle Changes

UcanACT - Urban ACTion for cancer prevention: adult and senior citizens practise physical activity within public urban green spaces to prevent cancer diseases - is an EU-funded project that aims to engage adults aged 50 and over and with or without cancer experience to practise physical activity as a tool for cancer prevention within public urban green spaces in three pilot action territories under the supervision of local physiotherapists.

The project is run by a consortium made up of eight organisations stemming from non-governmental organisations, higher education and research institutions, and local governments in six EU countries: 

- Europe Region of World Physiotherapy – based in Brussels, Belgium, 

- Outdoor Against Cancer – based in Munich, Germany 

- University of Sevilla – based in Sevilla, Spain

- University of Bologna – based in Bologna, Italy

- Italian Physiotherapy Association – based in Rome, Italy

- Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists – based in Dublin, Ireland

- Kilkenny County Council – based in Kilkenny, Ireland 

- University School of Physiotherapy ONCE – based in Madrid, Spain

The three pilot territories, where supervised physical activity sessions for the project’s target group take place, are: Bologna in Italy, Kilkenny in Ireland, and Munich in Germany. The pilot territories face different challenges and community needs due to their geographical location. 

In order to ensure smooth and cohesive running of the pilot actions – the group physical activity sessions for the target group, the consortium has developed a number of deliverables, such as the Practical Intervention Methodology on how to deliver physical activity sessions to the target group, Massive Online Open Course for physiotherapists on how to deliver the physical activity sessions, UcanACT App for the participants’ use during the pilot action, the Citizens Engagement Strategy to ensure an overall co-participatory approach of the project, and the Evaluation Methodology that will assess all these aspects of the project. All the developments are based on scientific research demonstrating the benefits of physical activity for cancer prevention among adults 50+ and good practices in organising cancer-preventive physical activity sessions for the target group that partners reviewed before producing the deliverables. 

The pilot actions consist of two rounds, one in spring 2024 and one in early autumn 2024 to early winter 2025, depending on the pilot territory. Each pilot action will last up to 10 weeks, and pilot territory partners – AIFI, Kilkenny, and OAC – have been recruiting voluntary participants locally within the project’s target group to benefit from the outdoor pilot actions.

If you happen to belong to the project’s target group that has just had a cancer diagnosis, this is a message for you from our partner ONCE

Bad news that can change your life: an opportunity for lifestyle changes


You´ve been diagnosed with cancer. You feel sunk and fear and uncertainty hijack your thoughts. We know. It’s a hard moment but maybe soon you can see it as a chance for change. There is an opportunity to change your lifestyle and the time you dedicate to each thing, to focus on what is really important.


It's time to feel good about your body and mind, reducing the stress that accompanies you in your daily life!

It's time to do more physical exercise, get stronger and become more resistant!

It's time to eat more consciously and healthier!

It's time to abandon toxic habits that steal your health, money and joy!

It's time for you to join the group and take advantage of this opportunity for change!

UcanAct is a European project that aims to promote the practice of physical exercise outdoors, for people who have received the same news as you. Follow UcanACT pilot territories on Facebook, X and Instagram to learn more about the project locally and join us.






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