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Outdoor Against Cancer

Outdoor Against Cancer (OAC) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2016 and actively involved in EU Networks and groups tackling topics of cancer preventing by a healthier lifestyle. They are working to educate society about the outstanding effects of outdoor activities, exercises and sport in natures in the context of prevention, therapy support and aftercare for cancer patients, their families and friends.


Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Outdoor Against Cancer (OAC) is an international Non-Profit-Organization that actively promotes the benefits of healthy lifestyles before, during & after cancer therapy. Outdoor exercise and sport, an intact nature and sustainability, healthy nutrition and psychological and physical well-being lead to better health and a better quality of life.

The focus of OAC is on patients, their families, and friends. In this way, OAC not only makes a valuable contribution to the secondary and tertiary prevention against cancer, but also in the primary prevention. 30 - 50 percent of all cancers can be prevented, and prevention is the most effective long-term strategy to fight cancer. The four OAC pillars make a valid and targeted contribution to this.

Why did you join UcanACT?

Since OAC is the only NGO on a global level that has the topic of outdoor activities and outdoor sports for cancer prevention in its DNA since its foundation, we were asked by the European Foundation for Physiotherapy and Physical Activity of the Europe region World Physiotherapy in December 2020 if we would like to support this project with our knowledge.

What do you expect from the project?

We believe that the target group 50+ has a great benefit from health care through physical activity and outdoor sport in urban areas. Not only in the field of cancer prevention (primary, secondary, and tertiary), but also in the field of prevention of other civilization diseases and NDCs. Healthy aging is the goal of this project, and we are happy to support this with our knowledge.

In the meantime, we have launched our OAC Health App. Since 2020 our OAC certification for Health Professional is certified on an international level by the German Medical Association and the European Union.

If you want to learn more about them, visit their website and follow them on their social media:

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