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UcanACT is an intersectoral initiative, joining together physiotherapists, local authorities, non-profit organisations, higher education and research institutions with the overall objective: to engage adult and senior citizens to practice physical activity (PA) as a tool for cancer prevention within public urban green spaces (PUGS). The field of cancer prevention was chosen by the project partners due to the high urgency and importance of this topic for European public health. Cancer prevention, treatment and care were recognized by the von der Leyen Commission as a main priority in the area of health.

The interdisciplinary project team will develop New Practical Intervention Methodology (EN, IT, DE) on delivering PA exercises for cancer prevention for adult and senior citizens within PUGS.


The Methodology will be delivered via an online educational course for physiotherapists and health professionals and UcanACT App for adult and senior citizens. The project partners will implement at least 55 Pilot cancer-preventive PA actions within three Pilot territories:

Bologna (Italy), Munich (Germany) and Kilkenny (Ireland) where approximately 270 adult and senior citizens will take part.

Prevention is seen in the European Union Health policies as the touchstone of a redesigned system focused on improving health outcomes. UcanACT cancer prevention actions are not only good for health but also for spending control. Economic value and cost effectiveness of cancer prevention is an important aspect that should be considered especially in the post-COVID economic crises, faced by the EU and globally.


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