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University of Bologna

UNIBO is a research university, founded in 1088. It is the oldest university in continuous operation in the world, and is one of the most prestigious Italian universities.

UcanACT initiative involves the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research in health sciences and technologies (CIRISDV). CIRI-SDV brings together biomedical and technological knowledge and skills for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, including cancer. CIRI-SDV also manages and offers applied research and technology transfer for health and care services fields.


Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

Health Sciences and Technologies - Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research of the University of Bologna was funded to be a reference center for industrial and translational research capable of facing, with a multidisciplinary approach, scientific and social challenges, and technological transformations. Our mission is to ensure a qualified offer of services capable of supporting innovation and technology transfer aimed at promoting people's health, well-being and active life.

Why did you join UcanACT?

We joined UcanACT project, because it falls right into our mission: based on our competence and expertise, we will provide the technical support necessary for the implementation and tailoring of the IT tools for the implementation of the project workplan and the fulfillment of its scope in promoting physical activities for cancer prevention.

What do you expect from the project?

Participation in UcanACT, will give us a unique occasion to further develop our expertise in the field of cancer prevention, working in close collaboration with the other partners for the development of effective prevention interventions based on physical activity promotion.

If you want to learn more about them, visit their website and follow them on their social media:

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