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The Europe Region of World Physiotherapy

The Europe Region of World Physiotherapy is a non-profit and a non-governmental organisation that represents the physiotherapy profession at European Level. The Organisation has a membership of 37 Physiotherapy Associations, one from each of the European countries, including all the EU Member States, EEA countries and all the EU applicant countries, representing approximately 194.619 physiotherapists in Europe.


Miguel Pérez Navarro, Eléonore Le Roch and Aitor Carpio García

Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

The Europe Region World Physiotherapy is a non-profit and a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promote and support physiotherapy and physical activity across Europe. The Organisation aims to:

• Giving visibility to physiotherapy and physical activity by promoting the profession, its benefits, education and research at European level;
• Participating in the sensitization and education of the population around Physiotherapy and physical activity in EFPPA countries and others by performing awareness campaigns, publications and other actions;
• Supporting the physiotherapy profession’s research needs;
• Supporting the development of evidence-based physiotherapy practice;
• Being the European info point (network and database) for physiotherapy projects.

In order to achieve its objectives, the Europe Region World Physiotherapy is actively involved in several EU initiatives and networks (EU Health Policy Platform, Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan contact group…) and collaborates with EU bodies (EU-OSHA, DG Health…) and other European organisations (European Forum for Primary Care, EUPHA…).

Why did you join UcanACT?

UcanACT is an innovative project that seeks to engage adult and senior citizens to practice physical activity as a tool for cancer prevention within public urban green spaces.
Physical activity has been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of developing seven common types of cancer (colon, breast, stomach, oesophagus, bladder, endometrium and kidney). Physiotherapists are the health professionals specialised in prescribing exercise and, as their representatives at European level, we decided to lead and coordinate this project which we are sure will be of great help and utility for people worried about developing or relapsing into cancer.

What do you expect from the project?

We expect UcanACT to be an opportunity to contribute to raise awareness about the benefits of physical activity for cancer prevention and rehabilitation. The project can be a useful tool to encourage physical activity as a preventive measure for cancer disease, to learn and teach how to provide appropriate physical activity for cancer prevention, and to increase practical guidelines for physiotherapists and other health professionals to provide cancer-preventive session.
We look forward to sharing the results and knowledge of the UcanACT project!

If you want to learn more about them, visit their website and follow them on their social media:

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